What if there were a way to demystify desire so you can have the sensual life you deserve?

Living with Pleasure Viepoints

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By living life with pleasurable viewpoints,

understanding the differences between sexuality and sensuality

and mastering the art of communication,

you will no longer feel clueless

when it comes to your sex life and relationships.

This is what we call a

Luscious L.O.V.E. Life!”





How to have more pleasure in your life….

What does it stand for?


Luscious L.O.V.E. Life is a place where women and men come to…

*Have the sex life they desire without compromise

*Expand what is possible

*Engage Sensuality in all parts of their lives

*Learn about Female Orgasm

What people are saying….

…..it is totally possible to have a thriving, juicy, successful, love-filled relationship!  Lucia and Trevor are excellent teachers who are seasoned in both embodied pleasure as well as effective communication in the bedroom. I have been practicing what I learned and my relationship to my own sensuality is expanding. My relationship is getting more connected and more juicy!!

Michelle W.

Michelle Video Confindence Mentor

At first I felt disconnected from even the word “sensuality” because I was denying the part of myself that needed touch. I was getting in my head about what I “should” do  and was feeling exasperated. There is a part of me that experiences the world differently than my analytical mind, and she has an equal and worthy place in the world.Lucia worked with me to get an idea or sense of what my heart was calling me to. She honored my true self ….where I could reconnect with the wild woman inside.”

Alex M

Alex Milaychev Coaching

Luscious L.O.V.E. Life changed the way I thought of the word “pleasure”. Through taking the Pleasure Essentials Course, I not only learned about myself (and all the things they really SHOULD be teaching in high school Sex Ed) but how to reclaim the word itself. Everyone should be RUNNING to take this course.

Cierra P

Student/Actress, NYC