A Luscious L.O.V.E. Life is one which begins with a foundation of friendship, nurtured through communication and is ever changing and expanding , as is a woman’s orgasm. As sensuality researchers and pleasure advocates, Trevor and Lucia Paxton co-founded Luscious L.O.V.E Life as a testament  to their 20 year relationship. Together, the are dedicated to expanding what is possible in their own relationship through exploration of female orgasm and living a fun life. By experiencing the universe through sensual gratification and pleasurable communication  lasting friendships are created and life has infinite possibilities .

Lucia Pavone

Pleasure Instigator, Sensuality Instructor, CEO

Lucia Pavone is an international speaker and instructor of the art of sensual pleasure, with an emphasis on full body orgasm. She supports women to connect to their sensuality, love the body they are in and have a sex life worth bragging about.

Her journey of sexual emancipation began over 15 years ago when she took her first sensuality course and quickly moved to San Francisco to continue her learning. A dedicated sensual researcher, she bust through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm and pleasure, having experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full body, extended orgasm).

Lucia has been featured on the Ignite Intimacy podcast, Taboo Talk, Performers Creative Lab, discoverHER radio, medium.com and bustle.com. She hosts a weekly educational livestream on O.School, a pleasure based sex education website, which has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour and went viral on NOW THIS.

Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication , and a woman’s orgasm, life has infinite possibilities.



Lucia Paxton, Sensuality Instructor & Pleasure Advocate

Trevor Paxton, sensuality instructor

Once a Silicon Valley techie, Trevor shifted paths to become a general contractor. As a  life long  knowledge seeker, always wanting to experience life to the fullest, he embarked on a spiritual path connecting with Native American  traditions and esoteric studies in his 20s. Feeling the call to make a bigger mark on the world, he became a dedicated researcher and instructor of female orgasm, having trained in DOing (Deliberate Orgasm) and advanced communication practices.

Trevor and Lucia live in Santa Cruz, Ca  and are parents to an talented 17 year old daughter.







Trevor Paxton, Sensuality Instructor