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Sensual Life ™ Group Course for Women

Welcome, phenomenal woman, on your personal journey to reclaim and connect to your senses!

This course will  support women to connect back to their fun, turned-on, loving self.  Whether you are in a long term relationship or single, PLEASURE is your birth right.

Sensuality is not limited to your sex life. It is the divine spark that fuels all parts of a woman’s existence.




This course is for you if  you are you ready to…


Notice what turns on your senses

Communicate what feels good

Make deliberate choices

 Practice communication tools for pleasurable living

Have  FUN and Pleasure in all parts of your life

Sensual Life ™ is offered as a 5 week live- virtual course  or  In-person course in Santa Cruz, CA

This course is broken down into  4 Modules:

Power of FUN,Communication Tools for the Responsible Hedonist & Pleasurable Living, Sensuality vs. Sexuality, and BE a Sensual Researcher

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Pleasure Essentials 

Do you desire FUN and pleasure filled relationships? 

 Are your ready to expand what is possible in your sex life?

There is a way to demystify desire so you can have the sensual life you deserve. By living life with pleasurable viewpoints, dancing with the divine feminine and mastering the art of communication, you will no longer feel clueless when it comes to your sex life and relationships.

GET ready to Jumpstart YOUR Luscious L.O.V.E Life with Pleasure Essentials

What will you  get from this course?

Break down the cultural viewpoints that hold people back from having a life of pleasure and fun

Understand  the differences between Sensuality and sexuality

Take away pleasure oriented viewpoints that sustain gratifying experiences

Understand what  a woman desires or how to give  her  what   she wants

Learn communication tools for the responsible hedonist

Deepen sensual connection in your body

Learn difference between female model of orgasm vs climax

Be introduced  to Deliberate Embodied  Orgasm, including  stroking positions for optimal pleasure

This course is for you if:

You are ready for the FUN not a FIX 

You desire sustainable success in all relationships

 You crave a deeper  connection to your sensuality, body and pleasure

You desire a  gratifying sex life

If you are committed to getting the tools to, Jumpstart Your Luscious L.O.V.E Life, we are excited to support you!

Pleasure Essential (on-line) is a 6 week- live, online group course 

Included in the course:

6-  Live, 1.5 hour group calls on Zoom

Email  access to instructors

Invitation to Luscious L.O.V.E Life FB Group

3- 30 minute  Private Client sensuality coaching  integration sessions

We will train you in the Pleasure Essentials that take you from an ordinary sex life to an extraordinary, FUN, and pleasurable

Luscious L.O.V.E (Lighted , Orgasmic, Validated, Evolving) Life!

There is no need to suffer over a less than amazing sex life or relationship when gratifying, unlimited pleasures are at your fingertips.

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