Hello Luscious One,


You’re invited to a 3 day celebration of learning, connection and FUN!   Discover what it means to live a life in pleasure.

Unravel the pieces of what it means to live a sensual life, understand your sexuality, define your sex legacy and what it takes to embody this way of living for life! This is Embodied Woman LIVE.

There are not a lot of places that you can go to have a party that celebrates the power of your pussy, but this event is one of them!

If you are living your life in the fast lane, working all the time, you’re exhausted and not feeling successful in your relationships, business or sex life, this is an opportunity to learn that there is another way of living — a more juicy and fun way.


It’s time that we bring all the powerful pussies of Portland and beyond together for a #PortlandPussyTakeover! And you’re invited…

September 7-9, 2018
The Little Church
Portland, Oregon

Oh, but it gets more luscious

Imagine all of your senses activated and alive for 3 FULL DAYS.

Feeling deliciously connected to your body like never before

Deep cultivation of community with others who identify as women.

Basically… One. Super. Fun. PARTY!

Here are the juicy things you will walk away with from Embodied Woman LIVE:


  • Embrace your sensual potential
  • Learn communication tools to create win-win communications, inside and outside the bedreoom
  • Understand the potential of your  sexual energy & how to use it in all areas of your life
  • Find perfection in yourself and others, no matter your background, family, religion, may have told you.
  • Reconnect to your fun, playful nature, or perhaps take fun to the next level!
  • Feel the power of your full body orgasm & your pussy and trust that it IS the answer to nearly all of your problems.
  • Prioritize your sensual desires and pleaure everyday  and  create a new story that embraces all parts of the Embodied Woman

So, are you ready to discover your Flirty Fun, Bootyliscious, Naughty Temptress in 3 days of play? 

This 3 Day event is valued at $1297.

Claim your  $197 Scholarship TODAY!

Here is how our experience will go:

Friday 9am-5pm
Learn the foundations of sensuality & pleasure. I’ll be sharing all the information I teach in my Sensual Life course, along with experiential exercises.

Saturday 9am-4pm
UNRAVEL your Sexuality Story. CREATE a New Sex Legacy. EMBODY your Lusciousness

These are the key pieces of the Embodied Woman Experience, my  6 month Intensive
Return at  7-9pm   for a Sensual Soiree ~ 2 hour dance party

Shawnrey and I have something yummy cooking


                                                                                 Sunday 9am- 4pm                                                                                   Connect the pieces…

Mind, Heart, Body and Pussy.

In the morning, will lead you through meditation and movement and will close the afternoon with celebration!

This is both content and experiential  rich event.  Lucia will be sharing the informaiton she teaches in her sensuality courses as well as added experiential exercises that will increase your capacity to soak in the information and feel more in your body. Lucia and her team of professionals create a safe space for you to express yourself without shame or fear. There will also  be a live DJ.  There will be  shorter breaks  through out  the event and a longer 90 minute lunch break each day. Lunch is NOT included.  After registering, you will receive and welcome packet with all the details.

Come ready to Unravel, Create and Embody your sexuality and pleasure.


Hear what other women are saying about their experience with Lucia…

Lucia is a phenomenal facilitator and really lives the pleasure and fun she teaches, loved taking her course and am super inspired by her mission on the planet!! I’m definitely enjoying greater pleasure every day!!

Vryannaia Sun

EO Holistic Living Inc, Creator Miracle Healing Technique,

We practiced the Deliberate Embodied Orgasm  technique last night & it was the MOST sensation ive ever had in my sex life-  that’s saying a lot! Thanks for sharing your genius! 😘

Jenn S.

Earthy Mama, homeschooler, Couples Coach, DIY-er, Traveler & Wife , Joy N Abundance

By consciously making an effort to have more fun and experience more of my time sensually, I have been feeling much more capable of reaching out to my community and connecting with others and myself.

Isabella Wong

College Student

Special Guests:

Speaker & Empowerment Coach

Whether performing for Justin Timberlake and Madonna, leading presentation skills workshops for Banc of California, or speaking in front of audiences of 1000s, Shawnrey consistently inspires full
engagement, energy, and action.

Shawnrey is an Engagement & Embodiment expert who lives and teaches leaders how to be more empowered,
energized, and productive through movement and
wellness strategies. She clears the pathway between
the brain and the body so that people can fully
integrate all components of their power into their
cellular structure.

With over fifteen years as a professional
dancerchoreographer,yoga,instructor,and empowerment coach, she brings realness, aliveness and joy everywhere.

Personal Stylist and Natural Beauty Specialist

Isaac The Girl is a Holistic Stylist with a passion for creating ease and joy around the process of dressing and styling.  It is clear that a homogeneous standard of fashion is a soul-sucking, and toxic pursuit that has left many of us feeling criticized, shamed, and most certainly confused. What even looks good on me? What makes me feel my inner power? How do I express who I really am?

Empowered, embodied beauty begins with the underlying belief that we are EACH beautiful, and that the outward process of self expression can be an enriching, spiritual part of the human experience!


This event is focused on understanding the true dynamic of your “pleasure chemistry.” Understanding “why” without needing to figure it out. It showcases the  the foundations of pleasure. Lucia  won’t sugar coat sexuality and does not take on the traditional viewpoints of our culture.  She won’t be talking about how to be a better lover, how to fuck better…she  will be focusing on  how  YOU can  take total responsibility for creating a sensual and gratifying life, inside and outside the bedroom. 

This 3 day experiential workshop is not about fixing you. It’s about celebrating our differences, our uniqueness. It’s what makes living worthwhile. It’s like attending a  finishing school for your pleasure, your pussy.  Probably  not what you were  taught in sex-ed class, if you even had one.

She has a zest for living and passion for creativity and  fosters it through her pleasure! Lucia gives you permission to be RIGHT, just as you are. Embodied Woman Live  is based on 30 years of sensuality training, esoteric studies, teacher education, transformational leadership, world travels, deliberate embodied orgasm(full body orgasm) research, mothering a daughter, and a successful 22-year relationship.Women open fast with her.She makes room for the natural ebb-and-flow to unfold. Lucia is the perfect mix of a mom, mentor, and best friend…with all the secrets to sexuality and sensuality, that you could ever dream of. She’ll tell you the truth.

About Lucia Pavone

Lucia  Pavone is an international instructor of sexuality and the art of sensual pleasure. Her journey of sexual emancipation began over 15 years ago when she took her first sensuality course.  A dedicated sensual researcher,  she burst through the limitations put on a woman’s orgasm, having experienced over 6,000 hours of Deliberate Embodied Orgasm (full body, extended orgasm).

She has been featured on the Ignite Intimacy podcast, discoverHER radio, medium.com and bustle.com. She hosts a weekly educational livestream on O.School, a pleasure based sex education website, which has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Glamour and  went viral on NOW THIS.

Lucia believes that by experiencing the universe through sensual gratification, pleasurable communication, and a woman’s orgasm, life has infinite possibilities.