Sensual Life ™ 

A Group  Course for Women

Sensual Life ™  A Group Course for Women

Have you ever been told you are too much or not enough? Running on empty with nothing left for yourself? Want to attract a partner? Or perhaps not sure what happened to your sex life?

You are not alone.

WELCOME, luscious woman, to a journey of sexual emancipation, reconnecting and reclaiming your birthright…PLEASURE. Learn how to embrace your sexual energy and live as a sensual, creative, FUN woman!

 During this 5 Week Course  you have the opportunity to:

Uncover what it is you desire

Notice what turns on your senses

Take away communication tools  for pleasurable living

Explore  the difference between Sexuality and Sensualiy

        Understand a women’s “Heat Cycles”

Learn about the feminine model of orgasm vs the goal oriented  “climax”

Connect with other women in community and  share your successes

Create FUN and PLEASURE in Your Life

This course is  lecture & discussion. You will also  have “pleasure play” in the form of experiential exercises & keep a sensuality journal.

Sensual Life ™ runs for 5  weeks on TUESDAYS

October 30, November 6, 13,20,27

 10:00am-11:30am PST (LIVE online, via ZOOM)

Included:  5- Live classes via ZOOM , 4 Modules, Experiential Homeplay, Journal Exercises, Private  Facebook Group, email check-ins, 2-30 Minute Integration Sessions

The Commitment for this course is $497

Sensual Life is a foundation course for upper lever training courses: The Embodied Woman Experience, The DEMO (Demonstration of Embodied Orgasm) and  for the Surrender in Sensual Sicily Retreat

What one woman had to say about  taking a sensiality course.

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