Sensual Life ™  A Group Course for Women

Have you ever been told you are too much or not enough? Running on empty with nothing left for yourself? Want to attract a partner? Or perhaps not sure what happened to your sex life?

You are not alone.

WELCOME, luscious woman, to a journey of sexual emancipation, reconnecting and reclaiming your birthright…PLEASURE. Learn how to embrace your sexual energy and live as a sensual, creative, FUN woman!

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During this 5 Week Course  you have the opportunity to:

  • Uncover what it is you desire
  • Notice what turns on your senses
  • Take away communication tools  for pleasurable living
  • Explore  the difference between Sexuality and Sensuality
  • Understand a women’s “Heat Cycles”

  • Learn about the feminine model of orgasm vs the goal oriented  “climax”
  • Connect with other women in community and  share your successes
  • Create FUN and PLEASURE in Your Life

This course is  lecture & discussion. You will also  have “pleasure play” in the form of experiential exercises & keep a sensuality journal.

Sensual Life ™ runs for 5  weeks on TUESDAYS

January 15, 2019

 10:00am-11:30am PST (LIVE online, via ZOOM)

Included:  5- Live classes via ZOOM , 4 Modules, Experiential Homeplay, Journal Exercises, Private  Facebook Group, email check-ins, 2-30 Minute Integration Sessions

The Commitment for this course is $497

Sensual Life is a foundation course for upper lever training courses: The Embodied Woman Experience, The DEMO (Demonstration of Embodied Orgasm) and  for the Surrender in Sensual Sicily Retreat

YES! I’m Ready

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