I am returning to my ancestral homeland  of Sicily.  I’ve been called by my grandmothers’ soul voices to lead other women on a journey  to a truly ancient & magical land

What can  you look forward to?

Surrender in Sensual Sicily is  a retreat tailored to your desires. Seven fun filled days and Seven mystical nights of  sand, sea, majestic temples.Training in the art of sensual pleasure,  recounting of  the journey of Persephone (Proserpina) from darkness to light, the neurobiology of pleasure & orgasm, ritual and MORE!

LIMITED TO 20 people! 

What will you learn?

  • The ancient history of the deep rooted  feminine &  masculine energies on the island and weave a new sensual tapestry
  • How to use sound, breath and movement for sexual healing for yourself and others
  • The chemisty of  pleasure and orgasm
  • Practices to recover from shame, present and past lifetimes
  • The transformational mythos of Ceres  & Proserpina  and how this applies to your life, your relationships, and/or your clients
  • The 7 Feminine Fluid Archetypes
Where we will be staying, Danena Sicily is a 19th century farmhouse – La Masseria – situated in the luscious  natural landscape of southeastern Sicily surrounded by the breathtaking Mediterranean sea.

 What you will experience:

  • Personal healing and transformation on multiple levels
  • Sacred ceremony
  • Fun, honoring, and compassionate community of women
  • Sicilian food and culture immersion
  • Touring of sacred and ancient  sites
  • Staying at a 18th century, renovated Sicilian farmhouse, with nourishing food , a pool, yoga and dance space
  • Daily training in the art of sensual surrender, Deliberate Embodied Orgasm and be able to bring this into a relationship and/or work
  • Guided meditation through the journey of Proserpina (Persephone), in and out of the Underworld
  • Learning more about your connection with nature, heat cycles and using this ever flowing energy to open to you ancient wisdom and spirit
  • Learning about  the 7 feminine, fluid  archetypes &  how to embody  each of  them, use them for pleasure and weave them into your personal life, relationship, and sexuality.

Included in The Surrender in Sensual Sicily Retreat:

  • Healthy Meals, vegetarian, including fish.
  • Accommodations for 7 days and nights at Danena Sicily
  • Ceremonies at Sacred Sites
  • Daily Tarot card pulls and interpretations
  • Training in Deliberate Embodied Orgasm
  • 3 hours daily sensual training session
  • Free time for exploration of your surroundings
  • Morning Movement and meditation
  • Fees and transport for location visits

Partnered or single, seeking  personal fulfillment, or to add to your professional knowledge base, you will gain skills and practices that will help you to have better relationships, clarity,intuative knowing and the ability to collaborate with others in their healing.

In addition,you’ll also receive for FREE, $500 worth of bonus GIFTS! ! !

  • A Follow Up  Group integration session~ $200 value
  • A 1 hour Private Sensual Training Session during the retreat ~ $300 value!
  • An international community of Luscious Sisters ~ Priceless

Airfare  and travel insurance is NOT INCLUDED

A value for 7 night and days in an equistive retreat center, inclusive of meals, excurisons, ground transpostation, and 6 days of training in the art of senusal pleasure is valued at  over $17k

But, your cost is much less than that!


Early bird registration ( until December 31, 2019) $9,997

YES, I surrender!

For over 20,000 years Sicily has been the heart of 3 seas (the Mediterranean, the Ionian, and the Tyrrhenian) and the crossroads of over 17 cultures. The transformational myth of Demeter & Persephone took place on this island. Much of the Odyssey’s heroic struggle’s took place on this island of mystery. Sicily, a land of abundance, offers a rich cultural mixture that can inspire our own healing journey from tragedy to triumph.

In Greek, Persephone’s name can be translated as Destroyer. In Sicily/Italy Proserpina is translated as LIGHT BRINGER. As I discover through my personal studies and healing,Proserpina is the LIGHT of COMPASSION & REBIRTH brought into Trauma, Death, Grief, Loss, and Endings.

Surrender in Sensual Sicily Overview

(Subject to change)

Saturday, November 3

  • Arrive in Catania Airport by 1pm local time and  Afternoon shuttle to Danena Sicily.
  • Meet and Greet
  • Evening Telling of the myth of  Proserpina (Persephone) and Introduction to Sicily
  • Dinner at Danena

Sunday, November 4

  • Morning Wake Shake and Elevate with Shawnrey
  • Breakfast  at Danena
  • Morning Session: Introducing the 7 Feminine Archetypes
  • Lunch at Danana
  • Free Afternoon Explorations  /Private Sessions Dinner
  • Dinner at Danena

Monday, November 5

  • Breakfast at Danena
  • Excursion to Piazza Armerina  to the Villa Romana del Casale
  • Stop for late Lunch in Modica, the Chocolate meca of Sicily
  • Evening Session  Embodying the 7 Feminine Archetypes through Movement
  • Dinner at Danena

Tuesday, November 6  Maiden and  Mother

  • Morning Yoga Stretch  with Shawnrey
  • Breakfast at Danena
  • Morning Session Journey through the Underworld
  • Lunch at Danena
  • Free  Late Afternoon  Explorations – Optional Exploration in Noto /Siracusa 
  • Dinner  at Danena

Wednesday, November 7  Lover and The Huntress

  • Breakfast at Danena
  • Day  Adventure to Mt Etna and Taromina
  • Dinner at Danena
  • Evening  Trance Dance  and Sacred New Moon Ritual ,Letting go Shame, Anger and Fear

Thursday, November 8  The Queen

  • Wake Shake and Elevate with Shawnrey
  • Breakfast at Danena
  • Free Morning to Explore/Private Sessions
  • Afternoon Session Luscious Sisterhood Gathering and Witnessing

Friday, November 9   Sage and  Mystic

  • Morning Session: Returning to the light
  • Vendicari Nature Preserve walking, beach
  • Picnic Lunch

Saturday, November 10 Closings and Blessings

  • Breakfast  at Danena
  • Closing Luscious Sisterhood Ritual
  • Shuttle to Catania Airport