Sensuality Coaching

Do you see your self as a woman who desires more? Feeling stuck in how to navigate your way there, especially when it comes to relationships and sex? Lucia is recognized as a leading expert in communication,relationships,sensuality and the female model of orgasm. Holding you as perfect, her coaching methods support you to define the cultural views that limit you from experiencing your full sensual potential  and alternatively inspires you to  create your personal Pleasure Vision.

Curious if this is the right path for you?

I had just separated from my husband and started the divorce process when Lucia and I started working together! It was one of the hardest times in my life. I was feeling unwanted and shut down emotionally and sexually.  Through our work together I was able to reclaim my power – to be a sensual, sexy woman, to have unwavering confidence in myself, and to be the goddess I was born to be! In the months after, I have been more comfortable and confident in my own skin than ever before. Something broke free in me! I am able to be naked with ease – in body, mind, and soul. I am strong and soft. And as a woman entrepreneur and CEO, my income and impact just keeps increasing month after month!  I would hands down encourage anyone that is seeking more connection to self and others through the sensual experience of being human, to work with Lucia. You will never see yourself the same way again! She has an capacity for seeing you in all of your perfection, a heart the size of Texas, and is the most luscious woman, mentor and artist I know. I promise, YOU want some of this! Audra G

Conscious Business Coach